Sunday 8 March 2020

First time stepping the mast.

Having rounded out the mast and smoothed it down some, I wanted to put the hole in the bottom for the tabernacle pivot. That meant fitting it to Elena and standing it up.

While the drill bit was still in the hole, I thought I'd have a go at stepping it single-handed, as one does. I started by extending the jib halyard to the bowsprit, and attaching it with a simple bowline. The mast was resting on the transom bridge, with a couple of towels ensuring paint doesn't get scratched.

Then I lift and walk forward:

Start pulling the halyard through while supporting the mast:

And give it a bit of a yank.

I've got no cheek blocks on the tabernacle yet to run the halyard through, so the drill bit will have to suffice:

I reckon that looks proper nautical. And I don't reckon there'd be that many Jarrah and Tassie Oak masts around, either :)

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Tony M. said...

Looks beautiful.