Saturday 18 April 2015

Sea mist

So here's the very first coat of Norglass Enamel, in "sea mist".

I like this stuff quite a lot. It takes a good long time to set up, and gives me plenty of opportunity to fuss with it. I started by rolling with a 5mm mohair roller then tipping with a brush, but ended up just rolling. I'll probably thin things out a tad for the final coat and roll/tip then. For the moment I'm waiting impatiently for this to harden fully before going at it with 240 grit wet and dry.

I bought 3 litres of this stuff, this coat used a little over half a litre.

There's a lot of floaties in this first coat - for subsequent coats I'm thinking of mopping the garage floor a couple of hours before I start to reduce the dust.

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Rik said...

Wow, beautiful...