Friday 29 March 2013


I've been working most weeks in the middle of nowhere, spending the evening in a little room with no TV, no sealed roads to ride on, no torch...

So I've taken to drawing bikes instead of riding them. Here's a couple of my more lighthearted drawings. Firstly, mooching along on the flat being the lazy cyclist. In my twenties I had a permanently sunburned midriff from spending too much time on the bike in crop tops. What can I say, it was the nineties:

And secondly, descending. Those who ride with me generally claim I descend like a maniac. I figure there's no point making the climb if you're not going to give it your all on the way down too:

The observant will note I don't much care for helmets, and that I'm a fan of downtube shifters. The observant would be correct.


lonewheel said...

Cool. Great to see you back on the blogsphere!!! Hope the move works out and you get some time to share your frame building skills with us again. Cheers, Shaun

Verna Leigh said...

Those ratios don't look right SuzyJ. :)