Saturday 7 May 2011


Here's the ingredients that I'll use to make Ben's frame (from the top of the picture):

  • Head tube: Columbus 36mm.
  • Down tube: Columbus Life 34.9mm x 650mm
  • Top tube: Columbus Life 31.7mm x 600mm
  • Seat tube: Columbus Life 31.7mm x 635mm
  • Seat stays: Columbus Life 17mm, tapering to 12.5mm tips.
  • Chain stays: Columbus Life 30mm x 17mm oval, tapering to 12.5mm tips.
  • Brake bridge: Silva art 189 with art 362 reinforcement diamonds.
  • Dropouts: Llewellyn LRD72/SS stainless, 72 degree angle.
  • Front derailleur tab: Silva art S286 stainless.
  • BB cable guide: W2081 stainless.
  • Bottom bracket: Long Shen LB09-3
  • Lugs: Llewellyn Cadenzia XLH.
  • STI bosses: Llewellyn LL-09-35 with Ceeway brass deluxe STI adjuster screws.
  • Brake cable tunnel: Silva art 150 with art 141 reinforcement diamonds.
  • Rear derailleur cable boss: Silva art 152.
  • Bottle bosses: Silva art 471 with art 361 reinforcement diamonds.

Not shown, of course, are the 56% silver rod that I'll use to braze the frame together, nor the paint.

Next step is to do some lug prep - I'm going to cut the STI bosses off the lower head lug, and cut triangles in many of the lugs, to give them a classic Bocama look - something like this:

Then I'll file and sand the casting marks out of the dropouts, front derailleur tab, and STI cable bosses in preparation for polishing once they're brazed in place.

Only then will I start cutting and mitering tubes.

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