Monday 18 July 2011

Lugwork and fork crown

So here's the fork crown that I'll use on Keith's bike. It's an LC18, with in-built 6.5 degree rake, to suit straight blades. I've filed, sanded, and polished it, then silver-brazed it to the steerer, then more sanding and polishing. The above photo was taken before turning the crown race seat. The below photos show it after turning the crown race seat.

I've also done a fair bit of work on the Llewellyn custodian lugs. As with Ben's bike, I've cut Bocama-esque triangles in the points and removed the STI adjuster ears. I didn't think there was enough material in the sides to warrant the triangle cutouts I did in Ben's lugs, so instead I scalloped out the sides to make them look a little more skimpy, and cut back the shoulders significantly. On the top head lug, rather than cutting the top skirt down, I removed a whole pile of material from the underside, significantly lightening the lug. This allows me to use a centimetre or so fewer spacers.

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