Friday 17 April 2020

The dawning realisation of life without a boat to build.

One of the truly shocking realisatons of late is that shortly Elena will be built, and then I won't have a boat to build any more.

That's utterly unacceptable.

I'm thinking now of starting on a small "pocket cruiser". Something that I can pull out of the water and keep in the back yard under the pergola when I'm not cruising in it, but still with enough size, weight, and cabin to really go places.

Also I'm fed up with plywood, so I want to make a boat from cut timber. Clinker is the romantic ideal, but strip built is probably going to be a lot more amenable to keeping out of the water for extended periods, so I don't completely get away from epoxy.

I asked for ideas on the woodenboat forum, and have been inundated with suggestions. Seems a lot of people have been thinking along these very same lines.

Here's a spreadsheet tabulating most of them.

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