Friday 24 April 2020

More rigging

Much of the rigging for the mast is done now. I have a vang, mainsheet and outhaul. The virus has made a real mess of things. I’m waiting on rudder fittings, boom end fittings and more cleats. From the sound of it I might not be getting those for months.

So today I assembled everything I have for a test-fit. It took us about half an hour in the driveway to put it all together. First views from the side, aft, and forward:

A closer view of the bowsprit arrangement, with cleats added for tensioning the bobstay and forestay:

Here’s the vang. I did it as a 4:1 using a 40mm fiddle block with becket and cleat at the mast end, and a 40mm fiddle block at the boom. I wrapped a dyneema line around the mast to secure the bottom. At the top it’s got a loop of 6mm double-braid through a hole in the boom.

You can also see the missing bronze fitting that’s supposed to go on my boom, plus a bunch of cleats. At the bottom is my 3:1 centerboard lifting line, using a 29mm double block and a sheave with becket in the board.

Here’s a pic showing a dinky little 22mm block that runs inside the boom to give me a 2;1 outhaul:

Here’s my mainsheet. I’m using 8mm double-braid, in a 3.5:1 system, using a 40mm block with becket on the bridle, running to a double 40mm block at the end of the mast, then a 40mm block mid-way along the mast runs the line down to a 55mm high-zoot factor ratchet block at the back of the centerboard case, which I hold down with a dyneema soft shackle.

I’m holding off until I get the sails before I install the jib sheet blocks, so I can locate them just so.

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