Saturday 4 April 2020

Rigging, rigging, more rigging.

I’ve entered an interesting phase, whereby each pay I trot down to the local chandlery, give them the current content of my bank account, and go home with fancy things that spin to screw or lash to Elena.

It’s getting closer and closer.

And after attaching the spreaders:

I just use some bronze rod through some bent brackets to hold the spreaders to the mast. This makes them straightforward to remove for storage, and allows them to pivot fore-aft to line up nicely in use. The vertical angle is fixed at 15 degrees.

I’m liking using thimbles as deadeyes for the rigging. I think I’ll put a couple of cleats on the bowsprit just forward of the gammon iron to tie the bobstay and forestay lines off to.

I think this deserves some celebration:

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paula said...

Looking really really good Suzy. Brings back memories of that part of the build for "Leighton" You're going to love sailing her.