Saturday 14 November 2015

First topcoat on the interior

Finally finished with fillets. Here's the first coat of topcoat. It's International Toplac (there's a nice guy here in Geraldton who I buy the stuff from, who's wife's name is also Suzy), so this has become my paint of choice. He threw one unit of 127 tint (I think that's burnt sienna) in, to make it a really light off-white, as the standard Toplac white was really white).

If you look carefully at the first photo you can see I've routed channels in the supports for the coaming down the port side. These will be used to run cables from the front thwart, where the battery and radio will live, to the cockpit, where I'll have my handpiece. I'm thinking of going with a Icom IC-M400bb radio, which has the controls on the handpiece, so it should be nice and neat and unobtrusive.

I'll do another couple of coats, sanding in-between, and then put the coamings on.

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