Wednesday 11 November 2015

Fillets and undercoat on the interior.

I've made a real breakthrough with filleting. When I put the deck on, I used heaps of epoxy, as I didn't want voids. It was hard to get in to remove the squeezage, so I didn't. The result is really awful epoxy blobbage under the deck. I removed a lot of it with a heat gun and paint scraper, but it's really difficult to get to, and I'm working upside down with the hot air gun and scraper shoved into narrow spaces, which invariably hurts.

So, I figured I have the perfect tool for sculpting and just brute force removing material. It works nicely on aluminium cylinder heads, so there's no reason it won't work on soft epoxy. It's my die grinder. So in goes a solid carbide 12mm rounded die, and off I go.

It's just perfect. It eats epoxy, leaving a perfect radiused surface finish better than I could ever hope to get with sandpaper, and as a bonus it actually cuts epoxy better than wood, so once I'm down to the wood it loses it's bite.

So the interior painting process is one of applying a coat of undercoat, finding bits that are awful, going back to filler, cleaning that up with sandpaper and my die grinder, doing more undercoat, etc. At some point my OCD will finish and I'll apply the top coat.

Here's the first coat of undercoat. I know. it looks absolutely dreadful.

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