Sunday 1 June 2014

Fun with epoxy

My epoxy arrived through the week, so I'm making the most of the long weekend, and getting it everywhere.

Here's how I'm doing my centerboard - the lead hides in a routed out pocket, so it'll be surrounded by cedar. I'm hoping this will make the board easier to shape into a foil, rather than shaping, then cutting a big hole, adding lead, and fairing:

I did the laminating in three steps: The front section with the lead brick, then the back section, then I joined the two and added the leading edge jarrah piece. This allowed me to make better use of shorter clamps for the springier small pieces of timber. Here's the start, taking a deep breath before mixing epoxy:

And after gooping everything together:

Then finally the whole centerboard, after repeating the exercise for the rear bit and adding the leading edge:

While I was waiting for epoxy to go off, I joined doublers to bulkheads. At one point every one of my 27 clamps was being used. I think my building speed is limited by number of clamps and available horizontal surfaces. How many clamps do I need to build a boat anyway?

I quite like the bote cote epoxy. It's easy to mix and doesn't stink the house out. It's certainly refreshing doing woodwork after that awful lead interlude.

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