Sunday 28 August 2011

Keith Anderson dropouts

I just bought a set of these cool dropouts from Keith Anderson.

When I made my very first frame, I brazed thin stainless plate to plain steel dropouts so that the axle nuts wouldn't chew up the paint. It was successful, but I always wished there was something to let me put stainless in the slot, as well, so the axle itself didn't chew on paint.

These cool dropouts are exactly what I wanted then - nice beefy 4130 plates for strength, with cool milled faces in stainless. I've bought two sets of track dropouts, so will shortly make a pair of track frames (one for me, one for Kristyn).

The plan is to do a little carving - I might put my initials in under the seat stay...

Anyway, the dropouts are very, very cool - beautifully machined.

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