Monday 7 January 2019

Boat progress!

Rather a lot of progress, accomplished through the simple expediency of spending money. This was necessary because we're moving to Perth in the next couple of months, so the boat must now be mobile.

Looks rather nice on a trailer, I reckon.

Top on the priority list for the new place is somewhere I can store Elena, on her trailer, and finish her off. :)

Modifying the trailer a little to give me a means of supporting my mast:

And here she is on moving day, with her mast (or at least the components for her mast) supported nicely.


Dave K said...

Yeah! Good to see your progress on the boat.I was worried that you had lost interest.Just life getting in the way I guess. Starting the fifth year of my own build, 4 m mini cruiser.Dave K.

Chespearl said...

Was wondering what was up with your Navigator as you did such a fantastic job building and documenting. Press on as there is nothing to compare to feeling the motion of the ocean in a boat you've built. I hope you can find a place so Elena can live with you. I built my CS17 at a museum boatshop a couple miles from my house. It worked out fine. Reach out to the small boat sailing community. They are notoriously helpful people. Brian in Maryland

MoMan said...

Hooray! I too was worried you lost interest. Looking forward to seeing how you finish off the rigging details. I've made a few minor modifications since launching Crucible. Actually, most of my changes are the result of finally figuring out how it should be rigged properly in the first place! I retired last August from the job I hated and now can spend an infinite amount of time puttering about and experimenting with different ideas. So far, it's everything I've dreamed of. A couple of projects on the books right now are a boom tent and a galley box to store cooking and eating gear. I'd also like to build a wooden grate cockpit sole as the porch paint I applied (and reapplied) just isn't up to the grinding effect of Texas oyster shell fragments. Good luck with your move!