Tuesday 21 April 2015

Third coat

It turns out I wasn't the only one leaving finger prints in the paint.

I did the second coat (no photos) with a high density foam roller rather than the short nap mohair one. I found the high density foam roller conforms better to the shape of the hull, and allows me to get an even film of paint into the laps. It puts a thinner coat on, (no runs!) but no gloss.

I sanded between each coat with 240 grit emery. Dry after coat 1, wet after coat 2. Sanding wet is much, much better.

Here's the finish after the third coat. I rolled and tipped for this one, using the 100mm high density foam roller.

There's evidence of brush marks - I'm thinking I'll use a bit more thinners on the next coat to get the paint to flow better. If the next coat is good, I'll call it done at that point.

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