Friday 15 July 2011

It's upside down!

Ben's bike has paint on it - the colour scheme was his idea, to match a favourite jersey. I think it looks kinda cool - certainly very bold.

I've just put the decals on, and am leaving it overnight before putting the clear coats on. This is how the auto-air paint looks immediately after spraying - a nice satin sheen. It's terribly delicate at this point- hence hanging up.

The head tube took a fair bit of patience to mask - I found the trick was to use lots of very small bits of tape, and to press each one carefully into the shoreline with a biro before cutting it with a scalpel. I did the yellow panels first, then the red. On the seat tube there are little orange decals at the transition between yellow and red.

1 comment:

Oldbikerider said...

Suzy, great paint job. Will you paint yellow in the little triangles on the head lugs?